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Welcome to Englewood and the surrounding barrier islands. We are a small population with a very involved, supportive community with a very big heart.  

Properties recorded as sold in the last twelve months:

  • Vacant land parcels: 1,200
  • Residential properties: 2,297
  • Income (Rentals): 18 

With the help of a local REALTOR® many people have found a piece of Paradise! Fulfilling dreams is What We R. 

The Englewood Area Board of REALTORS® is made up of approximately 750 REALTORS® and approximately 115 affiliate business partners. The Mission of Englewood Area Board of Realtors® is to support the success and professionalism of our members while improving our community and protecting private property rights. We find the latest technology, mortgage services, financial services, home protection, warranties, professional development, and training that is available. 

We are very committed to our REALTOR® legislation and here are a few of our victories: 

  • Authorizing on-line notaries
  • Business Rent Tax reduction
  • Helping property owners with open and expired permits
  • $192 Million allocated to help with affordable housing
  • $686 million dollars allocated to protect Florida’s Environment.  

Florida REALTORS® has been a strong voice on water issues for many years. We will continue to engage with future legislators to advocate for the sound policies that will have a positive effect on environmental restoration efforts in the beautiful state of Florida. Protecting private property rights and promoting home ownership is so important to our community and its economy. We love where we live and love what we do, because that is Who We R. If you have any questions regarding the Englewood Area Board of REALTORS® or the Englewood community, please reach out to me or your REALTOR®. 

It is an honor to serve as the 2020 Board President.

Warm and Sunny Regards,

Kathi "O"

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When is a closing agent not an escrow agent?

It’s not a trick question. An escrow agent oversees just that – escrow – and a closing agent oversees closings. It’s still confusing for a few Realtors, however, because the same person often does both tasks. After a while, these Realtors start thinking they’re the same thing.

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Dear Anne: I Lost My Arbitration – Now What?

Most commission disputes involve two agents who are absolutely certain they deserve the money – but one must lose out. What happens next? Can a local board ask for the funds? Does a procedural review give the losing agent a do-over and new chance to keep the money?  

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Rules vs. Access When Screening for Assistance Animals

A 1988 amendment to the Fair Housing Act added disability as a protected class, and the change continues to spark a lot of Legal Hotline questions. In general, however, accommodation should be the goal rather than searching for a reason to deny.

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Don’t Let Sellers Leave Tax Breaks on the Table

Remind sellers to ask their financial advisers about tax deductions they’re eligible for in a home sale. One of the potentially big ones: selling costs.

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Fla.’s Attraction: Is It the Sunshine or Tax Advantages?

SW Fla. professionals say they’ve noticed an uptick in the number of people who cite state lower-tax advantages as a reason for relocation.

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Marijuana, Hemp Businesses Bolster Commercial Real Estate

Is commercial marijuana real estate investing wise? It’s a high risk/high reward question. In states where it’s already legal, some warehouse values increased tenfold.

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Investors Find Pet-Friendly Properties More Profitable

There are fewer “no pets” signs in front of rental properties. Many landlords find they have fewer vacancies – plus they can charge higher rents and advertise less. Many are tearing out carpets in favor of tile and adding cat or dog doors.

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New-home sales climbed 7.9% in January

While January’s new-home sales were down 1.3% month-to-month, they were up 9.6% in a year-to-year comparison and prices rose 6.8% over the same time period.

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Mich. Man Posing as Police Officer Targets Female Agents

A man in Michigan who said he was a police officer called at least seven real estate agents, told them they were in legal trouble and offered to meet them off-site.

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Q&A: Can Condo Owners Withhold Dues to Force Board Action?

After a popular employee was laid off, a group of “maverick owners” decided to withhold their monthly dues until he was hired back. That’s not allowed – right?

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Dec. Home Prices Rise 2.9% Due to Low Rates, Low Inventory

S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller: Mortgage rates stayed low and inventory declined in Dec., which sparked more bidding wars and an acceleration in the rise of home prices.

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Feb. Consumer Confidence Moves Slightly Higher Again

While Americans feel a bit less optimistic about current conditions, they’re anticipating an improving, strong economy over the next six months.

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S. Fla. Broker Sued for Sending Unsolicited Spam Texts

A customer who alleges that a real estate broker sent spam texts filed a lawsuit against the broker. The texts suggested articles published on the broker’s website. The Real Deal calls it “the latest case brought by a pair of local attorneys targeting brokers and agents.”

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NAR Study: Minority Homeownership Rates Continue to Lag

The U.S. homeownership rate has rebounded to 65.1%, but NAR’s says there’s “a significant racial homeownership gap in America that needs to be addressed.”

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