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Meet 2019 President Mark Spurgeon

Being served by people who love where they live is a wonderful thing!

REALTORS® love where they live and love what they do. We have the pleasure of representing buyers and sellers during one of the most important events of their lives. Fulfilling dreams is the most rewarding aspect of our profession.

You have discovered a real gem…the Englewood area.  Being situated between two moderate sized markets, enough out of the way to enjoy a different pace, yet just a short drive to the hustle and bustle if you choose.  The best part is the sense of community we offer.

Choosing a REALTOR® is the wise choice to connect you to the community. They have the tools and expertise for a successful transaction. REALTORS® may be competitors but wearing the REALTOR® marker bears no small responsibility to the public and real estate profession. You can rest assured that the professional standards and the code of ethics REALTORS® subscribe to, will be the foundation of your relationship.

I have had the pleasure of growing up, living and working in the Englewood area since 1965.  The community is as vibrant as ever!  I am pleased to serve as the Englewood Area Board of REALTORS® 2019 President.  Because I love where I live and love what I do!  It is an honor to work with fellow REALTORS® in fulfilling our mission statement:

“The Mission of the Englewood Area Board of REALTORS® is to support the success and professionalism of our members while improving our community and protecting private property rights.”

It is my pleasure to welcome and introduce you to the Englewood area!


Best regards,

Mark Spurgeon

Englewood Area Board of REALTORS®

2019 President



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Florida REALTORS® News

The easiest way to protect yourself from legal risks?

Attend Florida Realtors' convention in Orlando. "I always learn something at the legal sessions," says Realtor Bill Dryburgh. "Keeps me and my business out of trouble."

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Long-term mortgage rates slip - 4th week in a row

The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage averaged 4.06% this week - a drop from 4.07% last week and the average 4.66% rate one year ago.

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Thinking about running an Airbnb? You must offer this

You could lose 1 in 4 potential guests if you don't have Wi-Fi, the "most important amenity" on potential renters' lists. But forget the hair dryer and free snacks.

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Who owns your customers?

If you have 20,000 Facebook "friends," who owns those leads - you or Facebook? When an outside firm controls your contacts, they can market to them directly.

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When will the economy start to slow down?

How do I answer climate change questions? What business plan would prepare me for future success? Find out: Florida Realtors Convention and Trade Expo, Aug. 23-25 in Orlando. https://convention.floridarealtors.org

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Tax reform hasn't hurt the RE industry as some predicted

A new $10K cap on the federal deduction for state and local taxes led to dire predictions for the real estate market - but no large-scale problem has emerged yet.

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Dated designs can sink home sales - what not to do

Remember wallpaper? Avocado and harvest-gold refrigerators? Some of today's hottest trends - barn doors or glassless showers, for example - may not age well.

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Gainesville: City eyes new hotel in Lot 10 deal

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FHA working on plan to approve more condo mortgages

A move to approve more FHA condo loans could boost some Fla. markets, give renters access to affordable loans and entice more millennials to pursue ownership.

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Florida Realtors names Danielle Scoggins VP of public policy

"I am confident she will bring even more success to our organization and our industry in her new role as vice president," says Florida Realtors CEO Margy Grant.

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Down to the WIRE: 'Women in Real Estate' pre-registration

Only a few seats remain for Florida Realtors Women in Real Estate (WIRE) conference on June 5, and pre-registration ends on May 29 - one week from today. Be inspired.

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U.S. House OKs bill giving LGBTQ fair housing protection

The NAR-backed Equality Act denies discrimination in housing, credit, employment and more. It needs Senate approval and the president's signature to become law.

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Renters protected against discrimination by anyone

NAR: What if a contractor, fellow renter or temporary guest harasses a renter protected by the Fair Housing Act? The landlord may still be legally responsible. Lawyer advice: "Property managers have no legal entitlement to stay out of tenant disputes."

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Freddie: Mortgage rates won't go as high as we thought

Experts are rethinking their 2019 mortgage-rate predictions as rates move closer to the 4% mark. Freddie Mac recently downgraded its forecast to an average 4.3% for this year, and it foresees little change even in 2020 - a 4.5% average for next year.

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AI won't replace Realtors - but prepare for a change

Artificial intelligence (AI) can automate tasks, and customers impressed with an agent who "got back to me right away" may soon be talking to a machine. A Realtor's next tech challenge may be, "How do distinguish myself from a chat bot?"

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Fla.'s housing market: Sales, median prices rise in April

Fla. Realtors data: Existing home sales up 6.2%, condo sales up 3.2% year-over-year. Median prices up 2.6% for single-family homes, 2.1% for condos. April was "easily the strongest month so far this year for home sales," says Chief Economist O'Connor.

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Census Bureau: City growth once hot - now not so much

One expert thinks millennials moved to cities in this decade's first five years but got stuck there, postponing plans and waiting for the recession to end.

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Pres. Trump addresses Realtors in Washington last week

The pres. extolled achievements that help real estate practitioners, such as the 20% pass-through tax deduction for independent contractors and opportunity zones.

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The future of the RE market? 3 predictions - all good

While the industry always has challenges, the future looks good. One big reason renters may become buyers? They see equity growing for their home-owning friends.

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Governor announces more Hurricane Michael Housing relief

Two new homeownership loan programs will debut in June and provide affordable housing resources for Floridians impacted by Hurricane Michael.

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April new-home sales drop 6.9%

But the decline only dinged new-home sales so far this year, which are up 6.7%. A big contribution to the decline last month? Homes selling for $300K or less.

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Fed's interest rate position could boost commercial sales

Underlying property fundamentals remain strong, cost of capital low and investors still have a lot of capital to deploy, suggesting an uptick later this year.

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Online estimates more accurate but still just estimates

Customers put too much faith in online estimates. While they're getting more accurate, even Zillow's chief economist calls a RE agent when she's ready to sell.

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A home has tons of amenities - which do you list first?

Almost every buyer wants a laundry room. Patios, ceiling fans, storage space, walk-in pantries/closets and great backyard space also rank high.

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Some Fla. metros change zoning to allow more tiny homes

For some people, a tiny home is an option they can afford, and as more local gov'ts face an affordable housing crisis, they're changing zoning to accommodate them.

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NAHB pushing Congress to storm-protect older homes

New homes are bolstered to minimize damage in a national disaster, but builders say older homes aren't built to withstand hurricanes, earthquakes or tornadoes.

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NAR's board meets, make changes

NAR's Board of Directors met Saturday. They voted to extend Realtors' "That's Who We R" campaign ($35-per-member) and update Code of Ethics and MLS rules.

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NAR: U.S. home sales decline slightly in April

NAR's chief economist isn't overly concerned with April's 0.4% dip in sales and predicts the market will return to moderate monthly sales growth very soon.

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