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Meet 2019 President Mark Spurgeon

Being served by people who love where they live is a wonderful thing!

REALTORS® love where they live and love what they do. We have the pleasure of representing buyers and sellers during one of the most important events of their lives. Fulfilling dreams is the most rewarding aspect of our profession.

You have discovered a real gem…the Englewood area.  Being situated between two moderate sized markets, enough out of the way to enjoy a different pace, yet just a short drive to the hustle and bustle if you choose.  The best part is the sense of community we offer.

Choosing a REALTOR® is the wise choice to connect you to the community. They have the tools and expertise for a successful transaction. REALTORS® may be competitors but wearing the REALTOR® marker bears no small responsibility to the public and real estate profession. You can rest assured that the professional standards and the code of ethics REALTORS® subscribe to, will be the foundation of your relationship.

I have had the pleasure of growing up, living and working in the Englewood area since 1965.  The community is as vibrant as ever!  I am pleased to serve as the Englewood Area Board of REALTORS® 2019 President.  Because I love where I live and love what I do!  It is an honor to work with fellow REALTORS® in fulfilling our mission statement:

“The Mission of the Englewood Area Board of REALTORS® is to support the success and professionalism of our members while improving our community and protecting private property rights.”

It is my pleasure to welcome and introduce you to the Englewood area!


Best regards,

Mark Spurgeon

Englewood Area Board of REALTORS®

2019 President



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Florida REALTORS® News

Long-term mortgage rates little changed, 30-year at 3.82%

Talk of a trade war with Mexico pushed more investors into bonds last week, which impacted rates. But bonds waffled this week as a trade war seemed less likely.

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Remodeling: Labor shortage creates frustration and adds time

The construction industry has about 300K unfilled jobs and is projected to need 747K more workers by 2026. Demand is high and remodelers have the upper hand.

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Tech Helpline blog: Sometimes technology doesn't help

Technology should save - and it usually does - time and make us more efficient. But in some cases, the old-fashioned way is better. Read the Tech Helpline's latest blog. https://www.techhelpline.com/9-technology-productivity-tips-do-this-not-that/

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Total impact one Fla. home sale has on the economy? $77,858

NAR analysis: In Fla., the real estate business makes up 21.9% of the state's GSP. Each sale generates $21.4K for the industry and $4.2K for other businesses.

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Brokers: Want focused agent training on specific topics?

C2EX (Commit to Excellence) isn't only a testing tool, it also teaches. If an agent weakness is identified, they can tap into one of 10 modules, such as "Client Service." https://c2ex.realtor

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Did an HOA or condo board scuttle a closing? Tell us about it

Florida Realtors is collecting stories of failed transactions due to unreasonable or even silly condo and HOA rules. Its goal is to minimize future problems.

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Fla. economy poised for long, positive run

Wells Fargo report: Fla. economic growth continues to outpace the nation this year and is "particularly noteworthy given the severity of the Great Recession."

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REBarCamp Orlando adds industry powerhouses

Registration is open for ReBarCamp's 10th year of peer-to-peer learning on Tue., Aug. 20. For $15, you get lunch, an after party and time with top-name real estate experts.

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Is Amazon easing its way into home selling?

The online retail giant has listed tiny homes, prefabs and modular housing for prices from $5K to $65K, leading some to wonder where it's all heading.

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Fla. program can help with reverse mortgage problems

ELMORE - a Fla. mortgage-assistance program - will help older homeowners with reverse mortgage troubles by offering forgivable loans up to $50K.

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3 out of 4 millennials think they know how to sell a home

Survey: 76% of millennials think they're savvy enough to sell their own home, even though don't have any hands-on experience doing so. That over-confidence could cause problems later, but they currently make up only 2% of all home sellers.

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NAR submits legal support for association health plans

Association Health Plans (AHP) can offer low-cost, high-coverage to Realtors. However, a court will rule on the legality of AHP plans, which a number of Realtor associations already offer. NAR's brief supports the legality of these AHPs.

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U.S. foreclosures drop 50% in a year - but not in Florida.

ATTOM: Fla. had the nation's third-highest foreclosure rate (1 out of 1,238 housing units) in May, and its foreclosure starts (homes receiving a first notice) rose 23% - the 12th consecutive month that. foreclosure starts have grown by double digits.

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5-year flood insurance bill could get full House vote

The House Financial Services Committee voted Wed. to advance a flood insurance bill to the full House for a vote. The current bill would extend the program five years, increase mitigation tools, revise the scope of mapping, update new technology and more.

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Gov. DeSantis considering impact and permit fee bills

Two bills await a signature. If signed, the impact fee bill specifies how fee money can be used; the permit one requires fees to be published on local websites.

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Bank of America offers zero-dollar origination fees

BofA isn't alone - 1 in 10 recent borrowers say they didn't pay origination fees. BofA's program applies to FHA, VA, Home Possible and BofA affordable home loans.

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Governor's task force tackles toxic algae

A group created to find ways to reduce toxic algae met for the first time on Wed. and said it will likely fine-tune existing rules rather than create new ones.

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Survey: It's harder on homebuyers if they have kids

Buyers with children 18 or younger often try to move during summer, but their list of must-haves is longer. "Good schools," for example, may be mandatory.

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Citizens insurance grapples with AOB lawsuits

While assignment-of-benefit reform should lower insurance costs, Citizens still faces 14K lawsuits - and some fear people will find new ways to work the system.

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Commercial RE executives bullish on U.S. market

While an economic slowdown seems possible, commercial polled don't appear fazed and anticipate significant investment money from China, Canada and even Mexico.

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Most consumers don't understand credit scores

Annual survey finds the problem is getting worse over time. In 2012, 1 in 5 consumers thought they had only one credit score; by 2019, it was up to 1 in 3.

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What's your retirement housing strategy?

Housing - its cost and location - should be a major part of retirement planning. Stay? Downsize? Retirement community? There are many factors to consider.

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A condo doesn't allow pets - what about service animals?

Legal QandA: An owner who rents out her condo wonders if she has to accept service animals. Also: Does a condo owner need permission for a security camera?

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Millennials want to buy but the recession changed them

After living through the recession, younger adults are financially cautious. They want to stop tossing money away on rent, but they won't commit to any old house.

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54% of buyers visit a home 2-3 times before making an offer

Study: Sellers build up hope when told a buyer viewed the home for a second time, and a study now bears that out. Only 10% make an offer after just one showing.

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More economists predicting interest rate cut

A Wall Street Journal poll of 46 economists found that 75% expected a Fed rate cut in either July or Sept. - an increase from 50% in a poll conducted in May.

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Airbnb guests concerned about surveillance

Survey: 1 in 10 Airbnb guests say they've found a hidden camera during a rental. While laws oversee the use of cameras and recorders, they're not always followed.

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Enter to win the ENVY Award

Calling for entries for Florida Realtors 2019 ENVY Award, the top honor for projects designed in harmony with the environment. Remember: July 9 is the deadline.

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