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Meet President Kathi Obendorfer

This has been a year of thankfulness and gratitude!

Being employed as a manufacturer’s representative in the boating industry at the time, I traveled the southeastern United States frequently and came to the Englewood area beginning in 2006 approximately 6 times per year as my second largest account was located on Lemon Bay. Little did I know that I would purchase a home on Manasota Key in 2008 and make a permanent move to paradise in 2009.

Becoming a licensed Realtor® in 2010, I fell deeply in love with the area and believe this must be what heaven looks like. Englewood is the smallest community that I have lived in personally, but by far, the most colossal.

I have seen the real estate industry rebound over the last 8 years, and am so proud to be a resident of the Englewood area and to be part of our amazing Realtor® Family.

I would like to share a story that is close to my heart and will give you more insight to the Englewood Area. We lost our dog while traveling out of the country for 6 days, 7 hours and 10 minutes, and the “Realtor® Family” and Community rallied the troops and our story had a very happy ending! We found Buster…that showcases the power and passion of this community. 

So why did I raise my hand when I was asked to serve as a volunteer leader on the Englewood Area Board of Realtors®? Because giving back to an organization and community that has given so much to me is what “paying it forward” is all about.

Englewood has a thriving real estate market, well recognized schools, beautiful beaches, sunny skies, amazing sunsets, Gulf blue waters, all which are kept safe by our first responders and an abundance of organizations that always lend a helping hand.

Protecting private property rights and promoting home ownership is so important to our community and its economy, and I am proud to be a Realtor® and humbled to serve as your 2018 President of the Englewood Area Board of Realtors®.

If you have any questions regarding the Englewood Area Board of Realtors or the Englewood community, please reach out to me.

Warmest Regards,

Kathi “O”


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Florida REALTORS® News

FinCEN expands buyer-identity rules to more cities

A program that fights money laundering by banning anonymity for buyers in three S. Fla. counties was renewed and extended to metros in five more states.

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Realtor.com ad tool follows prospective buyers online

A new digital marketing program, Local Expert, posts ads for agents or listings in places likely candidates tend to look, such as their Facebook news feed.

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Average mortgage rates flat to higher: 30-year 4.94%

The 30-year FRM didn't change this week and remains at an almost 8-year high, though the 15-year fixed-rate mortgage rose from last week's 4.33% to 4.36%.

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Mass. man pretends he's a broker to dupe female agents

Your texting broker may not be your broker. Someone is spoofing brokers' cell numbers so female agents who receive a text requesting a meeting think it's safe.

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In danger? Ask your lapel pin for help

ConnectNow offers a geo-connected version of the Realtor pin that's also a panic button Realtors can use if they encounter trouble.

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New Florida Realtors Rewards product: RentSpree

Agents give RentSpree a prospect tenant's email address and receive a completed rental application and tenant screening in return - request a free demo. https://floridarealtors.rentspree.com

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Flood insurance expiration threatens 1,300 closings per day

The National Flood Insurance program expires again Nov. 30. According to NAR, about 1,300 home sales could be disrupted every day if so - 40,000 sales each month.

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Hurt by Hurricane Michael? We're here to help

Many Panhandle Realtors, brokers and staff must rebuild lives, offices and homes. If you need help, ask for it. Apply today to Florida Realtors Disaster Relief Fund. (Link underlined to https://www.floridarealtors.org/AboutFar/DisasterReliefFund/

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NAR global awards honor Florida Realtors, local associations

The Platinum Global Achievement Program Award recognizes Florida Realtors' "exceptional commitment to building awareness of global opportunities."

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Patent troll loses 11-year battle against realtor.com

Patent trolls buy a technology patent and then demand money from any company using software that seems to include that tech tool. But a troll lost its patent infringement case against realtor.com this week after the Supreme Court opted not to hear it.

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Some millennials may be gambling on falling home prices

A decade ago, homebuyers kept an eye on mortgage rates but feared waiting to buy, knowing that home prices would continue to go up. Some millennials that saw recession-era price drops, however, may be choosing a wait-and-see tactic.

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Study: Higher interest rates don't stop millennial buyers

Millennials still show a preference for conventional loans. In Sept., 68% of all loans were conventional; 27% FHA and 2% VA, reports Ellie Mae, which says the industry should "educate these buyers on the options... available to them."

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Older homeowners could spark next buyers' market

Harvard report: Adults older than 50 own 50% of all U.S. homes, and many aren't financially ready to retire with inadequate savings after the recent recession. Many may be forced to sell, especially if they carry a mortgage and unexpected bills come in.

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Housing industry No. 2 in number of cyberattacks

Criminals like real estate because many individual members have fairly insecure internet connections and, in some routers, easily hacked weaknesses.

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Fed may raise interest rates at slower pace than predicted

Wall St. seems to expect a Dec. interest rate increase but fewer in 2019 as inflation and employment growth slows, plus tax-reform boosts seem to be stalling.

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White House says it will address Fannie, Freddie issues

The GSEs went under government control during the recession, and while most experts agree that it must change, little has been done yet to fix the problem.

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J.D. Powers lists top consumer-rated lenders for 2018

USAA and Navy Federal Credit Union scored highest but weren't included in rankings, which were topped by Quicken Loans and Fairway Independent Mortgage.

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New iPad Pro does well vs. Air - for a price

Many Realtors use iPad pros for their listing presentations, and Apple just released a "major" update. Is it worth investing in the latest version?

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Fixer-uppers can be bargains - but keep costs in mind

A fixer-upper also allows buyers to get the colors and styles they want, but proper planning before starting can save thousands of dollars and lots of stress.

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NAR commercial report: Higher volume, higher Realtor incomes

Commercial is "on pace with the growing economy." There's "a slight decrease in transactions," but brokers cited improved markets and business activities.

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Want to lower your 2018 tax bill? Take action now

There are ways to lower your 2018 tax bill, but a number of options must be completed by Dec. 31, giving you six weeks to do so.

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3 solid ways to boost a website's Google search ranking

A buyer who keys in "waterfront condos in Sarasota" will find you if you specialize. Also use keywords correctly and make blog entries cross-link to other pages.

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FHA releases 2018 annual report to Congress

According to the report, FHA's Capital Reserve Ratio remains above the minimum required by law - a problem spot when the nation was recovering from the recession.

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Citizens Property Ins. avoids major hit following Michael

The Fla.-owned insurer says the 3,189 claims filed so far ($142M in losses) will not impact its financial stability, and it has "ample surplus to pay claims."

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Should buyers try to pay off the mortgage before retiring?

It's still best to own a home mortgage-free in retirement since interest is rarely deductible and fixed incomes don't grow - but it's not always possible.

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How much will you give me for this $159M mansion?

A 58K-square-foot Hillsboro Beach home was sold to the highest bidder last week. It's the latest example of an emerging trend: Auction sales for high-end homes.

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