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Meet President Kathi Obendorfer

This has been a year of thankfulness and gratitude!

Being employed as a manufacturer’s representative in the boating industry at the time, I traveled the southeastern United States frequently and came to the Englewood area beginning in 2006 approximately 6 times per year as my second largest account was located on Lemon Bay. Little did I know that I would purchase a home on Manasota Key in 2008 and make a permanent move to paradise in 2009.

Becoming a licensed Realtor® in 2010, I fell deeply in love with the area and believe this must be what heaven looks like. Englewood is the smallest community that I have lived in personally, but by far, the most colossal.

I have seen the real estate industry rebound over the last 8 years, and am so proud to be a resident of the Englewood area and to be part of our amazing Realtor® Family.

I would like to share a story that is close to my heart and will give you more insight to the Englewood Area. We lost our dog while traveling out of the country for 6 days, 7 hours and 10 minutes, and the “Realtor® Family” and Community rallied the troops and our story had a very happy ending! We found Buster…that showcases the power and passion of this community. 

So why did I raise my hand when I was asked to serve as a volunteer leader on the Englewood Area Board of Realtors®? Because giving back to an organization and community that has given so much to me is what “paying it forward” is all about.

Englewood has a thriving real estate market, well recognized schools, beautiful beaches, sunny skies, amazing sunsets, Gulf blue waters, all which are kept safe by our first responders and an abundance of organizations that always lend a helping hand.

Protecting private property rights and promoting home ownership is so important to our community and its economy, and I am proud to be a Realtor® and humbled to serve as your 2018 President of the Englewood Area Board of Realtors®.

If you have any questions regarding the Englewood Area Board of Realtors or the Englewood community, please reach out to me.

Warmest Regards,

Kathi “O”


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Give or receive: Florida Realtors Disaster Relief Fund

The Disaster Relief Fund accepts aid applications from members of the Realtor family, including RE employees, Realtor board/associations and their staff. Find out more. https://www.floridarealtors.org/AboutFar/DisasterReliefFund/

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How to give investment buyers the best service

Agents often must be the "boots on the ground" for investors. Understand clients' goals upfront and keep communication channels open.

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Interest rates to return to 'normal' levels in 'year or so'

Federal Reserve pres.: Interest rates - which impact ARMs and, indirectly, FRMs - will return to "normal or neutral levels" once the Fed slows rate increases.

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Mortgage rates fall slightly - 30-year at 4.85%

Fixed mortgage rates remain close to seven-year highs, but they dropped marginally since last week. One year ago, the FRM averaged 3.88%.

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$700M: Fla. business loss on Jan. 1 if Amendment 2 fails

Most business property tax increases were capped at 10% per year for the past decade, but that disappears if 60% of voters don't extend the cap via Amendment 2.

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New fed mortgage website for non-English-speaking buyers

FHFA, Freddie and Fannie jointly announced Mortgage Translations - a centralized clearinghouse for RE pros who serve limited English proficient borrowers.

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Client getting cold feet? Here are the warning signs

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Give or receive: Florida Realtors Disaster Relief Fund

The Disaster Relief Fund accepts aid applications from members of the Realtor family, including RE employees, Realtor board/associations and their staff.

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Housing market facing a gentler slowdown than in 2007

This cycle is different, in part because construction never took off and an inventory shortage remains. Worst case scenario: Stagnant prices for a year or two.

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Study: Mortgage rate-lock forcing many owners to stay put

First American found that "potential" existing-home sales increased 0.9% month-over-month and 65.4% since a Feb. 2011 low-point. Authors says rising interest rates create a financial disincentive to sell for owners who currently enjoy ultra-low rates.

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How will 2 seasons' storms affect Fla. property insurance?

Experts believe Fla.'s insurance industry can weather the latest losses from Hurricane Michael without significant premium increases, even though major storms have historically bankrupted some insurance firms and sent rates skyrocketing.

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Fla. housing market continues positive track in Sept. 2018

Hurricane Irma impacted Fla.'s Sept. 2017 housing market and economy. With that in mind, 2018 Florida Realtors data finds existing single-family sales up 17% year-to-year, median prices up 4.9%, condo sales up 14.6% and condo median prices up 5.5%.

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Sender of scam 'Realtor Board' mail identified, charged

Over the past two years, many Realtors received a scam bill from the "Florida Board of Realtors," a fake name. The Office of the Attorney General has now identified the sender and filed a complaint in Jacksonville alleging deceptive trade practices.

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NAR survey: More Realtors becoming part of a team

1 in 4 Realtors now work as part of a team rather than alone - a percentage that has been steadily increasing as technology and business models change.

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U.S. housing starts down 5.3% in September

Hurricanes and rising mortgage rates took a toll, notably on multifamily starts. Single-family starts were mixed: Up in half the U.S., down in the other half.

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Zero-down loan program aims to expand mortgage access

The Neighborhood Assistance Corp. of America is hosting events around the U.S. to help buyers with low credit scores get home mortgages with low interest rates.

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NAR: Sept. existing sales decline across the country

U.S sales fell 4.1% year-to-year, and NAR's chief economist blames rising interest rates and too few affordable listings. It's the lowest rate since Nov. 2015.

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Hurricane adds fuel to 'Assignment of Benefits' fight

Should hurricane victims sign an AOB and allow repair companies to handle everything? Groups for and against AOB are squaring off in public opinion campaigns.

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Mortgage shopping saves Fla. buyers up to $1,300 per year

Not all mortgages are created equal. A LendingTree study looked at lending competition and found Fla. buyers can save serious money by comparison shopping.

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Kiplinger: Fla. No. 4 tax-friendly state - and top 3 are cold

The overall taxes paid by Floridians are bested only by Alaska, Wyoming and South Dakota; and the top 5 of 10 "best" states have no income tax at all.

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New top reason for loan denials? High debt-to-income ratios

CoreLogic: High debt-to-income ratios have superseded poor credit histories as the number one reason mortgage applicants get turned down by lenders.

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Study: Hurricane-proofing Fla. homes worth the cost

Homes built to new codes suffer 64% less hurricane damage than others - a benefit-to-cost ratio of $6 in reduced storm damage for every $1 in increased mitigation cost.

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Freddie survey: Renters think homeownership costs more

4 out of 5 renters believe renting is more affordable than owning - an 11 point increase in only six months - even though their monthly costs continue to go up.

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The yin and yang of rising interest rates

Fed interest rate increases are a sign of a healthy economy - but they're also a problem for homebuyers when higher rates increase the cost of ownership.

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Panhandle's weaker building codes tested during hurricane

An old argument claimed Panhandle trees would be a natural barrier to high winds - but many people now agree that homes shouldn't be exempted from building codes.

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HUD launches 'Humans of HUD' photoblog

Who benefits from HUD money? The department created a photoblog of stories and pictures that show some of the Americans who benefited from fed housing dollars.

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Help fellow Realtors recover from Hurricane Michael

For many Realtors, brokers and staff, it's more than "clean the mess" - it's "rebuild lives from scratch." Help them. Donate today to

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