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Meet 2019 President Mark Spurgeon

Being served by people who love where they live is a wonderful thing!

REALTORS® love where they live and love what they do. We have the pleasure of representing buyers and sellers during one of the most important events of their lives. Fulfilling dreams is the most rewarding aspect of our profession.

You have discovered a real gem…the Englewood area.  Being situated between two moderate sized markets, enough out of the way to enjoy a different pace, yet just a short drive to the hustle and bustle if you choose.  The best part is the sense of community we offer.

Choosing a REALTOR® is the wise choice to connect you to the community. They have the tools and expertise for a successful transaction. REALTORS® may be competitors but wearing the REALTOR® marker bears no small responsibility to the public and real estate profession. You can rest assured that the professional standards and the code of ethics REALTORS® subscribe to, will be the foundation of your relationship.

I have had the pleasure of growing up, living and working in the Englewood area since 1965.  The community is as vibrant as ever!  I am pleased to serve as the Englewood Area Board of REALTORS® 2019 President.  Because I love where I live and love what I do!  It is an honor to work with fellow REALTORS® in fulfilling our mission statement:

“The Mission of the Englewood Area Board of REALTORS® is to support the success and professionalism of our members while improving our community and protecting private property rights.”

It is my pleasure to welcome and introduce you to the Englewood area!

Best regards,

Mark Spurgeon
Englewood Area Board of REALTORS®
2019 President

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GSEs Announce New Lending Caps for Multifamily Projects

The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) plans to impose new multifamily rental property loan caps that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac may purchase.

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HUD Targets Maximum-Number-of-Children Rentals

Rental owners in Ga. and Idaho were charged in separate allegations. Both allowed families with children to rent homes, but they limited the total number of children they'd accept. The Idaho landlord will pay $15,000 and attend fair housing workshops.

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Floridians Can Do More to Trees with Arborist OK

A Fla. property rights law went into effect July 1. Among other things, it gives homeowners more rights to cut or trim trees if they get an arborist to approve.

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Fla. Isn't Prepared for a Category 5 Hurricane

The state hardened building codes and has the toughest storm-resistant homes in the U.S. But they still can't endure Cat 4 or 5 hurricane winds and storm surge.

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RE Q&A: Can a Creditor Take a House I Just Inherited?

The owner of a newly inherited home lost a lawsuit years earlier and still owes money, but the simplest way to shield a home from legal creditors is to live in it.

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Could a Listing's Landscape Be Too Perfect?

Many homebuyers appreciate a gorgeous yard filled with plants and gardens - but they don't want to own it. For them, "low-maintenance" is more important.

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Study: 40% of Female Realtors Report Safety Concerns

NAR's 2019 Realtor Safety Report finds that 21% of men feel the same. Top concerns generally focus on meeting customers alone, especially when showing a home.

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NFIP Flood Insurance Expires at Midnight, Sept. 30

Buyers under contract may want to secure national flood insurance before the end of the month or find private coverage that's accepted by their mortgage lender.

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Canada May Charge 1% Real Estate Fee to Foreign Buyers

To combat high, unaffordable home prices, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau proposed a tax on foreign investment that he says will help deter market speculation.

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Trump Admin. Drops Obama-Era Water Protection Rule

The regulation shielded many wetlands and streams from pollution, but critics said it also harmed developers and farmers, infringed on private property rights, and made it challenging to build affordable housing. NAR issued a statement supporting the change.

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Florida's Realtors Pitch in to Help Hurricane Victims

Florida Realtors Disaster Relief Fund is evaluating Bahamas aid efforts and continuing to support Panhandle residents still struggling after last year's storm.

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Do iBuyers Open the Door to Squatters?

OpenDoor buyers can request a home tour via the app to get a lockbox access code good for one hour - but that tool also makes it easy for squatters to move in.

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Floridians Support Affordable Housing - but Not Next Door

While Fla. residents want more affordable housing options, NIMBY (not in my backyard) neighbors often organize a protest after a specific site is selected.

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Who Should Qualify for a Mortgage? Banks, CFPB Disagree

What loan application or credit score details can predict future foreclosures? Banks say the QM rule on loan applicants' debt-to-income ratio should be changed.

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