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Welcome to Englewood and the surrounding barrier islands. We are a small population with a very involved, supportive community with a very big heart.  

Properties recorded as sold in the last twelve months:

  • Vacant land parcels: 1,200
  • Residential properties: 2,297
  • Income (Rentals): 18 

With the help of a local REALTOR® many people have found a piece of Paradise! Fulfilling dreams is What We R. 

The Englewood Area Board of REALTORS® is made up of approximately 750 REALTORS® and approximately 115 affiliate business partners. The Mission of Englewood Area Board of Realtors® is to support the success and professionalism of our members while improving our community and protecting private property rights. We find the latest technology, mortgage services, financial services, home protection, warranties, professional development, and training that is available. 

We are very committed to our REALTOR® legislation and here are a few of our victories: 

  • Authorizing on-line notaries
  • Business Rent Tax reduction
  • Helping property owners with open and expired permits
  • $192 Million allocated to help with affordable housing
  • $686 million dollars allocated to protect Florida’s Environment.  

Florida REALTORS® has been a strong voice on water issues for many years. We will continue to engage with future legislators to advocate for the sound policies that will have a positive effect on environmental restoration efforts in the beautiful state of Florida. Protecting private property rights and promoting home ownership is so important to our community and its economy. We love where we live and love what we do, because that is Who We R. If you have any questions regarding the Englewood Area Board of REALTORS® or the Englewood community, please reach out to me or your REALTOR®. 

It is an honor to serve as the 2020 Board President.

Warm and Sunny Regards,

Kathi "O"

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Want to Maximize Profit? Track Your ‘Billable Time’

How much time do you spend on activities that make money? How much on support work? Tracking “billable time” makes it easier to set priorities.

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The Cannabis Biz Is Resilient. Will More Investors Give It a Try?

The pandemic didn’t hurt the cannabis business; in fact, it’s doing better than expected, and capital investment may be second only to the industrial sector.

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S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller: July Home Prices Rise 3.9%

In June, home prices rose 3.5% year-to-year; in July, they rose 3.9%. The rate of home price increases is accelerating due to low interest rates and strong buyer demand.

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It’s Not Just Floridians – U.S. Confidence Is Also Up

The Sept. Consumer Confidence Index rose above 100 (101.8) from last month’s 86.3, but the component measuring future expectations rose the most – from 86.6 to 104.0.

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Floridians’ Consumer Sentiment Index Surges Higher in Sept.

The index score rose to 85.1 from Aug.’s 78.8 – the biggest increase since the pandemic hit. While the sentiment index isn’t back to pre-pandemic levels yet, the component measuring whether it’s time to buy a big-ticket item surged 8.4 points higher.

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NAR: The Fight to Save Like-Kind Exchanges Continues

Over four years, both Republicans and Democrats proposed measures to weaken or end 1031 like-kind exchanges. NAR says it’s now gearing up for another campaign.

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Zoom Offers Accessibility Options for Disabled Users

Among other changes, a sign-language interpreter’s window can be placed beside the speaker, and the hearing impaired can “pin” speakers they wish to hear.

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Condo Q&A: Amending Documents, Bylaws and Boards

Is it acceptable for a condo association to “self-insure” and cancel their current insurance? Also: Can a board avoid naming a director to an empty position?

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NAR Opposes HUD Rule Targeting Homeless Transgender People

A NAR letter to HUD Sec. Ben Carson says barring transgender people from homeless shelters would force more onto the streets, leaving them “vulnerable to violence.”

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Remote Workers May Seek Retirement Housing Early

Fla. is a draw for retirees, but the pandemic and ability to work from home has led more people shop for a second home before they’ve officially retired.

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Suburban Home Prices Move Higher as Buyers Get Out of Town

Nationally, home prices in the suburbs have moved 3.2% higher since March compared to an overall 2.3% within cities, according to a realtor.com analysis. In South Fla., however, prices in urban areas declined 2.2% since March, while suburban prices are up 0.3%.

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Fla. Group Proposes Liability Protections for Businesses

How do you protect businesses from COVID-19-related lawsuits without banning consumers’ legitimate right to sue? A business coalition made some recommendations.

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The Great Appliance Shortage: Life Without a Dishwasher?

COVID-19 created yet another problem: A U.S. shortage of dishwashers, refrigerators, washers and dryers. Freezers disappeared first when consumers started hoarding food.

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‘AOB’ Fight Goes to Fla. Supreme Court

Anchor Property and Casualty claimed an assignment-of-benefit claim was constitutionally illegal. So far, a lower court agreed but Anchor lost in a court of appeal.

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