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Computer or phone problems? Call or email us

It's like having a computer-geek best friend: Florida Realtors Tech Helpline, a free member benefit, can be reached via email, online chat or phone: 407.587.1450. http://www.floridarealtors.org/ToolsAndSupport/TechHelpline/index.cfm

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Build business and recharge over the holidays

Take time to rest and recuperate over the holidays – but also reconnect with clients and invest time studying the latest changes in the real estate industry.

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Fannie Mae announces eviction moratorium for the holidays

Freddie Mac and FHA should soon follow suit. In a holiday tradition, foreclosure actions may continue but families won't be evicted until at least Jan. 2, 2018.

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HUD announces new FHA loan limits for 2018

Due to rising home prices, FHA loan limits will go up in 3,011 U.S. counties next year. In high-cost areas, the max rises from $636,150 to $679,650 next year.

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Remodeling for profit? Unlikely

Sellers who spend $5K on an upgrade and ask $10K more for their home will probably be disappointed. "Hardly anything will offer a net profit," says Realtor Barry Grooms. But some "help sell the property faster and fetch a higher sales price."

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FHA will stop financing property with a PACE loan

HUD will no longer allow FHA financing on properties if a PACE energy-efficient improvement lien remains in place. It says a mortgage default could threaten its Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund since PACE loans have priority lien status.

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Conflict over vacation rental rights brewing

Whose private-property rights matter more – a homeowner or his neighbors next door? And as short-term renting becomes easier, who gets to decide what's allowed?

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Legal QandA: Does condo board have authority to give gifts?

Legal QandA: Does condo board have authority to give gifts? Also: Is the shower drainpipe in my upper-floor condo my responsibility until it joins my downstairs neighbor's drainpipe? When does the HOA have authority?

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Home Energy Scores: What buyers need to know

An energy score doesn't tell buyers how well a home is built. It does, however, tell them how efficiently it operates and potential energy-cost savings over time.

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Study: 99% chance someone is putting your data at risk

On average, 64% of office workers email a work document to their personal email weekly, and 24% use the same login for their work and personal accounts.

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Most likely RE industry disrupter? Self-driving cars

Experts predict that fully autonomous vehicles will be here by 2021, and if "commute time" becomes irrelevant, it could change supply, demand and home prices.

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