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Meet President Kathi Obendorfer

This has been a year of thankfulness and gratitude!

Being employed as a manufacturer’s representative in the boating industry at the time, I traveled the southeastern United States frequently and came to the Englewood area beginning in 2006 approximately 6 times per year as my second largest account was located on Lemon Bay. Little did I know that I would purchase a home on Manasota Key in 2008 and make a permanent move to paradise in 2009.

Becoming a licensed Realtor® in 2010, I fell deeply in love with the area and believe this must be what heaven looks like. Englewood is the smallest community that I have lived in personally, but by far, the most colossal.

I have seen the real estate industry rebound over the last 8 years, and am so proud to be a resident of the Englewood area and to be part of our amazing Realtor® Family.

I would like to share a story that is close to my heart and will give you more insight to the Englewood Area. We lost our dog while traveling out of the country for 6 days, 7 hours and 10 minutes, and the “Realtor® Family” and Community rallied the troops and our story had a very happy ending! We found Buster…that showcases the power and passion of this community. 

So why did I raise my hand when I was asked to serve as a volunteer leader on the Englewood Area Board of Realtors®? Because giving back to an organization and community that has given so much to me is what “paying it forward” is all about.

Englewood has a thriving real estate market, well recognized schools, beautiful beaches, sunny skies, amazing sunsets, Gulf blue waters, all which are kept safe by our first responders and an abundance of organizations that always lend a helping hand.

Protecting private property rights and promoting home ownership is so important to our community and its economy, and I am proud to be a Realtor® and humbled to serve as your 2018 President of the Englewood Area Board of Realtors®.

If you have any questions regarding the Englewood Area Board of Realtors or the Englewood community, please reach out to me.

Warmest Regards,

Kathi “O”


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Average 30-year mortgage rate rises to 4.47% this week

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FEMA changes encourage private flood insurance

Only Congress can make major NFIP changes, but FEMA lifted some restrictions: Owners who go private no longer pay two bills, and insurers can offer both policies.

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Make Magic: Florida Realtors 102nd Convention and Trade Expo

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'Don't miss out' may be top millennial marketing tip

Fear of missing out – or FOMO, according to millennials – has become a powerful motivator for young buyers to pursue homeownership, according to a BofA survey.

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5 signs that it's time to remodel the office

If the paint is peeling or the floor worn, it's time – but even okay-looking real estate offices may need work if they don't reflect the company's brand image.

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Tax cuts aren't good news if you plan to get a mortgage

Experts see two trends that will push mortgage rates higher: 1) Inflation, thanks to a stronger economy, and 2) the U.S.'s greater need to borrow money, which means that businesses and consumers (homebuyers) will have less funds to access.

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Many Hurricane Irma insurance claims still not settled

As the next hurricane season looms, fewer than 57% of 942,000 Hurricane Irma insurance claims have been closed with insurance payments, state records show – and state-owned Citizens has reopened more than one-third of its Irma claims.

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NAR report: U.S. housing supply and affordability at odds

Rising mortgage rates and home prices have made ownership less affordable, especially for first-time buyers, though a handful of metros – including North Port-Sarasota and Palm Bay-Melbourne –have seen affordability increase over the past year.

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Summit: Brokers must adapt to agents – and help agents adapt

What were the eye-openers at the recent NAR Broker Summit? For one, tech has changed. The latest is no longer a strong marketing tool, but "big data" may help some companies thrive. And watch statistics: Your market has changed substantially.

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Does master association trump neighborhood groups?

Legal QandA: A large HOA has sub-HOAs. What happens if rules conflict? Also: We didn't have a quorum and couldn't hold our scheduled election. Now what?

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Have a private router? Prepare for a Russian cyberattack

Most wireless internet access goes through private routers, which makes them a one-stop shop for cyber-attackers who want to uncover all your passwords at once.

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Housing starts rise in March – but not single-family

U.S. housing starts rose 1.9% last month, but the single-family component fell 3.7% as apartment starts surged 16% higher.

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Insurance Institute ranks Fla. No. 1 for building codes

In an assessment of 18 hurricane-prone states' residential building code systems, Fla. got the highest score – 95 out of 100.

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Doggone confusion over service, support animals

Comfort animals differ from support animals; housing industry laws differ from other businesses; and two different U.S. agencies oversee the issue.

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Florida Realtors, Canadian Real Estate Assn. sign agreement

A Memorandum of Understanding will encourage collaboration and the development of mutual opportunities to benefit the two organizations' collective memberships.

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Want flood insurance before hurricane season? Apply now

With a 30-day waiting period before NFIP flood insurance kicks in, owners should apply now if they want coverage before the June 1 start of hurricane season.

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Builder trend: Homes that adapt and change with us

Innovations like moveable walls, smart technology, multifunction furniture and space-saving features are the future, according to a new exhibit at the National Building Museum.

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Builders' optimism slides for fourth consecutive month

Any reading above 50 means more optimism than pessimism, but April's 69 represents a downward trend as higher mortgage rates and home prices take their toll.

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Save 50% by building your own house

A do-it-yourself home kit arrives on flatbed trucks and even includes nails, so landowners can save on construction costs if willing to invest sweat equity.

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S. Fla. officials prepare to help overwhelmed renters

S. Fla. has the U.S.'s highest percentage of severely burdened renters, so Broward may create its own affordable housing trust fund and take other steps to help.

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Home affordability down 5% in 1Q – 10-15% by year end

Report: Rising home prices and interest rates have made it harder for the average American to buy a home; however, the risk prices will drop is "unusually low."

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