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October home construction hits strongest pace in a year

New home starts climbed 13.7% in Oct., with the single-family component of that total figure up 5.3% and the multifamily component up 36.8%.

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Buyers snapping up homes at fastest pace in 30 years

NAR: Typical home spent 3 weeks on the market in the year ending in June 2017, down from 4 weeks a year ago – shortest time since NAR data records began in 1987.

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Escrow scams have grown by $950M in 2017

Technology has made real estate transactions quicker and more vulnerable to hackers and escrow scams. Tech security training, policies can help reduce the risks.

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Realtors square up after House passes tax bill

NAR Pres. Elizabeth Mendenhall says, "the real work to shape this debate is just getting started." NAR calls the bill a tax hike on many middle-class homeowners and says it would lower property values for all homeowners.

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Why aren't more homeowners becoming sellers?

Survey: Many homeowners want to sell but they don't want to buy, and the recent volatile market has made them skittish. As a result, they control today's market on both sides, and "reassuring these individuals is the key to unlocking inventory."

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Out of the basement and into a home

Millennials are forming new households and moving to the suburbs to buy homes. Some data show people aged 18-34 have become the nation's biggest group of homebuyers.

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Fla. insurer suing policyholders in claims disputes

People's Trust discounted policies to homeowners willing to use its preferred contractors for repairs, and it says it's suing those policyholders who did not.

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Homeownership builds wealth through 'forced savings'

Florida Atlantic University study: Rising home values don't make ownership a wise financial move so much as the equity that slowly builds over time.

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Foreign investors boost Orlando housing market

Florida Realtors report: Foreign buyers accounted for over 20% of home sales revenues in Fla. this year. Metro Orlando was 2nd to Miami as state's biggest draw.

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Big-ticket horse farms hit the market

The high-end real estate market isn't just mansions in Miami – a number of multimillion-dollar horse farms with vast acreage have hit the market lately.

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Tips to prepare your budget before buying a home

Income and expenses should be reviewed before buyers ever begin house-hunting. Property taxes, insurance and maintenance fees are other costs to consider.

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Florida Realtors gives thanks

On Thursday and Friday, Florida Realtors' offices will be closed for Thanksgiving. Florida Realtors News, the Tech Helpline and Legal Hotline will return on Monday.

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Homeowners admit that they're 'real estate stalkers'

Assume that most of your friends and relatives know what you paid for your house. Most (52%) homeowners admit that they've snooped online.

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