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 I am proud to be your 2017 President, and look forward to leading EABOR through the challenges our industry faces. My mission since being elected to the Board has been to improve the business opportunities of our members and defend the property rights of those we serve. My vision for how this is to be accomplished is to increase the quality of the programs we offer and bring our members together. The most powerful tools we have to accomplish this is the REALTOR brand and our individual commitment to our profession. In 2017 it is my goal that each interaction with the board will bring value to your business. Our General Membership meetings will include high quality speakers that will motivate and inspire. Our board and, committees are focused on promoting the REALTOR brand, and promoting our mission in high impact ways to bring awareness across our community. Our Industry is unique in that as REALTORS, our most fierce competitors are also our colleagues, brothers and sisters. We must work together to improve the experience for those we serve. Our customers and clients come to us during the best of times and the most challenging times of their lives, and I truly believe that it is the quality of our services, and cooperation that will be the driving force behind increasing our business opportunities. That said we cannot do it alone, I implore you to get involved at the Board. Volunteer for a committee, attend our meetings and give generously to RPAC. It is critical to our mutual goals that we not rest on our laurels but stand up and be our own champions.