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Matthew Wojcik, Chair

Young Professionals Network

The Young Professionals Network (YPN) Committee will be composed of no more than 12 members, with chair and vice chair positions held by a REALTOR member.  YPN  membership will be free to any REALTOR or Affiliate of EABOR. 

Kathy Damewood, Chair

Professional Standards

The purpose of the Professional Standards Committee is to hear matters of alleged unethical conduct by EABOR REALTORS or to provide arbitration as requested. Committee members will remain unbiased, fair and impartial in all proceedings and decision-making. Each member sitting on this committee shall attend an "Approved Training Course" each year. The committee shall conduct its activities according to the provisions of the "Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual" of the National Association of REALTORS and the EABOR Bylaws. The Professional Standards Committee is composed of EABOR REALTORS.  

David Haynes, Chair

Governmental Affairs/RPAC

The purpose of the Governmental Affairs Committee is to encourage the communication of information and education necessary for Board political education programs for members, assure all members know of such local, state and federal governmental activities that affect the real estate industry, and encourage and promote the political involvement of members.  The committee is responsible for RPAC fundraising events as approved by the Board of Directors or C.E.O. Any candidate requesting EABOR endorsement and/or support, or wishing to place candidate/election information on EABOR property, must do so in writing. Requests will  be taken before the Board of Directors for review. This committee is composed of EABOR REALTORS. 

Julie Starbuck, Chair

Governing Documents

The purpose of the Governing Documents Committee is to review all official documents (Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws) so as to maintain compliance with the National Association of REALTORS. 

Ray Eggermont, Chair


The purpose of the Finance Committee is to consider and recommend ways and means to properly finance the Englewood Area Board of REALTORS, submit to the Board of Directors a zero-based budget of estimated receipts and expenditures for the year, and prepare suggested regulations for the administration of the Board's funds, subject to the approval of the EABOR Board of Directors. The financials of the Association shall be audited by and independent CPA auditing firm on a regular basis as determined by the Board of Directors, and in accordance with NAR's Core Standards.  The Finance Committee is composed of the current Treasurer as Chair, President and President-Elect and three EABOR REALTOR members. 

Kathi Obendorfer, Chair

Professional Development

The purpose of the Professional Development Committee is to research and recommend educational and technology programs and opportunities to meet the needs of the REALTOR members. 

Brian Faro, Chair

Community Outreach

COC exists to ensure that The Englewood Area Board of REALTORS is involved in the EABOR community following the EABOR Business Plan and the NAR Core Standards guidelines.