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“Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics will not take an interest in you!” – Pericles, Athens – circa 440 BC


Luckily members of EABOR have a great advantage! National Association of REALTORS, Florida REALTORS, and our very own EABOR members keep tabs on, and fight against, the daily assaults to your industry so you can keep doing business day to day with less worry. Some of these assaults are against private property rights, banks trying to take over your business, flood insurance, and more! These are just some of the many issues that have to be dealt with.

Of course, all this muscle doesn't come cheap, but it is cheaper than being put out of business. The REALTORS Action Fund is money raised which is spread out between national, state, and local political funds used to support candidates for office and either support or oppose legislation surrounding property and property rights. There are many levels at which you can contribute, but "the True Cost of Doing Business" helps fight for property rights and your right to business and everyone should make a contribution to help those that do this work.

We can be proud of all that REALTORS have done politically for many over 100 years to keep the dream of home ownership alive in our country. Everyone should do their part to make sure it continues. The best thing you can do is respond to "Calls for Action" when needed, and contribute to the REALTOR Action Fund.



2002 – Stopping a sales tax on commissions!  Service Tax Nixed!

Florida REALTORS® filed a lawsuit to strike the proposed tax amendment from the ballot.


2005 – Protecting your money!  Commercial Brokers Get Paid!

Passage of two commercial real estate lien acts ensures brokers don’t have to renegotiate their commissions at closing.


2010 – Planning for the future!  Hometown Democracy Defeated!

Defeated an amendment that would have hurt an already ailing economy and local governments over growth issues.


2012 – Saving YOU Money!  More Money in YOUR Pocket!

Repealed local business taxes saving real estate sales associates $3.8 million annually.


2014 – Protecting Homeowners!  Biggert-Waters Calmed

Stabilized the Florida real estate market by containing rampant flood insurance increases.


2016 - Investing in YOUR Profession!  Fighting Fraud!

Secured $500,000 to combat unlicensed real estate activities.



WINNING Victories For YOU!


  • $3,825 per REALTOR® saved annually by cutting the Capital Gains Tax
  • $2,300 per REALTOR® saved annually by defeating the Sales Tax on Services
  • $5,280 per REALTOR® annually by creating the Homebuyer Tax Credit
  • $4.2 Million saved for REALTORS® statewide by eliminating the Florida occupational license fee
  • $130 per REALTOR® saved annually by repealing the Communications Tax
  • $36 Million saved for property managers via Reduced Eviction Costs
  • $750K saved annually by reducing the real estate license fees
  • $786 saved per home by defeating the Transfer Tax
  • $200 Million saved by defeating the Doc Stamp Tax
  • $500 saved per REALTOR® annually by exempting Tangible Personal Property
  • $5,400 saved per REALTOR® annually by preventing Banks in Real Estate
  • $6,250 saved per REALTOR® annually by expanding the GSE Loan Limit
  • $30+ Million saved by sellers annually by defeating the Property Environmental Disclosure
  • $606 Million saved by passage of the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act